Short intermission

The Perfect MVP is going on a short pause

It’s funny how life works. I planned an East Coast fortnight hiatus. Two weeks off work: visiting four cities, catching up with family and friends and trying new foods. I hoped to spend quieter times reading in parks and finishing old drafts for this newsletter.

Now, I’m learning how to open jars, buckle belts and brush my teeth solely with my left hand.

Needless to say, it’s not been particularly easy. While I have a new found gratitude that I even started this life journey with two working arms and hands, I’m eager to return to normality. That requires rest. And not fighting with autocorrect and the Substack editor. So The Perfect MVP is going on a short pause. It shouldn’t be too long. Something on the order of weeks not months. I’ll know for sure when I visit the orthopaedic surgeon when I’m back to the Bay Area.

For the insatiably curious, I have a spiral fracture in a metacarpal. You need your metacarpals to cooperate with you when you write, code, cook, clean, shower, moisturise, eat and workout as I’ve found out.

Stay safe and see you soon!