Just subscribed. I’ve also recently gone on a journey similar to yours (see my post about seeking simplicity) look forward to sharing the journey together brother

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Jan 8, 2023Liked by Tobi Ogunnaike

Tobi, I love to see you deriving joy from writing! And you are a joy to read. I’m excited to hear about whatever comes up for you between your adventures and down time!

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You sure are a reference. Personally, I wish I had all the time to read (or write) all the things! I don't always catch it as info is a steady stream, but when I do, your writing hooks me because you connect the disparate, write long form, and I see the evidence you've put time and thought in to what you share, so I feel I can do the same.

Your slow, steady growth gives me big time inspo to keep going myself. Thank you!

As far as what to write next...let me catch up on where you've been first as I seem to have fallen behind (and am HOOKED already). Congrats on the growth and all I can say is, stick with it.

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Dec 31, 2022Liked by Tobi Ogunnaike

I would love to read about how do you experience and value your own time being in a sabbatical, living a life that doesn’t suck your soul away. Do feel you spend your time in a more fulfilling way? Do you still feel the urge to be β€œproductive at all times” as we are mentally conditioned to do so by our enterprise tech industry? Do you still try to multitask? Do you continue feel the urge to accomplish/deliver/reply as something more urgent than your own needs - since we were taught to do so? At which point you were able to slow down your pace to a sustainable level that you feel you have control back on your life?

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Dec 30, 2022Liked by Tobi Ogunnaike

> So tell me in the comments, what should I write next year?

Maybe something you see or do IRL?

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