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A novel concept to me, writing about travel through this lens, and a pleasure to read!

I hope you find the stability you’re after and I’ll be interested to see how you write about that 🙂

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Really enjoyed this read. Love ‘em or hate em, those beds help us weave the fabric of our experience & stories as explorers, and you captured that perfectly with this.

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This reminds me of when I spent a week in Tangier. It was a great airbnb with awesome hosts. They had little cheeses and bread for breakfast, with jam on the side, and an ash tray for my cigarettes.

The bed was comfortable but the mosquitoes were an unwanted addition. We smoked out the room with mosquito killer but it didn’t help. I had to sleep with the blanket wrapped around my whole body and face in hot sticky Morocco summer and I left just barely enough room for my mouth to breathe.

I still have PTSD from the buzzing in my ears...

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