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I’m Tobi, and I’m levitating off a leap of faith. In December 2022, I left my high-paying, unfulfilling job as a software engineer for a sabbatical. A one-way flight ticket to Barcelona spiraled into a thirteen-town tour that broadened my lens and rejuvenated my spirit. This newsletter shares the triumphs, the struggles, the sumptuous meals, the underwhelming tourist spots👀, the doubts, and the worries of a wandering man. 

My dream is to build the next phase of my career in a way that aligns with my values—creativity, autonomy, and authenticity. For the rest of the year, I'll be writing from my wanderings around my old city, San Francisco. 

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what readers are saying?

From Tiago:

Thoughts and reflexions from Tobi’s left brain wrestling the right brain in a flowing, melodic, poetic and brilliant narrative which is quite entertaining and honest.

From Virginia:

Top notch writing and delicious descriptions.

From Katie of Bonesick

Every piece Tobi writes makes me think, makes me want to join the discussion. I love his luscious way of describing his experiences and the corners his brain is willing to sniff. It’s a lovely little breather from the humdrum. I feel like I’m on sabbatical myself.

From Jillian:

Obsessed with your newsletter babe. You’re such a talented writer. It’s like flowing down Russian river on a tube without any fluid friction.

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Vulnerable reflections on travel, food, and work from a former Silicon Valley engineer pursuing a creative career. Escape and reflect with a wanderer.


Former Silicon Valley engineer pursuing a creative career.